Christmas Party fun!

 What a party!!!



Words simply cannot express what an amazing time we had at our 3rd Christmas Party this year! We are certainly getting bigger every year!

This year, our event was held in Llanwern Village Hall, in South Wales. We do like to travel around the country for our parties! The day was a bit wet and miserable, but it was anything but miserable inside the hall! 

With our wonderful DJ Darren providing the Christmas music, hounds and humans started arriving in their droves! We had guests from near and far, Sam and her family had travelled from Milton Keynes!

We had the husbands Dave and John out in the kitchen, welcoming all with a hot drink, whilst Ryan was keeping watch on the kids and the dogs! Our raffle stall was ready, and people kept adding to it all the time, it was practically heaving with prizes! We has our famous 'Pick'n'Mix' ready too, Sam M had been baking all week with the help of Gillian too! Our wonderful friend Heidi had been very busy, sewing her lovely bandanas for us to sell, along with bow ties and aprons too! Watch out for the leftovers arriving in the shop soon! We also had our sweet stocking tree, with the lovely hand knitted stockings from Sam S's friend Sandra. A big pot of lucky dip was awaiting nosy hounds as well!


Apart from a minor disaster with the sausages (the oven was rather useless, so out came the frying pan and Louise and her spatula got to work!) lunch went well, considering by this time there were around 55 dogs in the hall! After lunch, we had a game of musical mats which the dogs were rather bemused by, but lots of happy bum sniffing went on, and the humans were laughing a LOT! Then it was time for the RAFFLE!!


Raffle table

We had lots of raffle prizes donated before the event itself, with lots of our wonderful supporters sending items down, but as well, people who arrived came laden with prizes too! It really is a good idea to buy a ticket with such amazing prizes! It was the longest prize draw ever!!

Anne Rowson was the lucky 1st prize winner, which was lovely because she has just recently adopted Harvey from us, who is now officially the nost spoiled hound in the South East of England! 

Santa arrived just after the raffle, bearing gifts for the children and dogs alike! Thanks go to Santa for all his hard work!!


Here's Santa!

Doggy fancy dress was the order of the day, with the basset reindeer stealing the show!


 Basset reindeer??

We spent most of the day having such a wonderful laugh with everyone. It was joyous to see so many of our dogs in one place. We are humbled by your generosity, and your belief in us. We have had a really topsy turvy year, but your support keeps us going, it truly does. 

Totting up the figures, we were astounded to discover we had made a total of £1,034, which was topped up by our friend Rosie, to make the grand total of £1,050!!


With your help, we are able to keep helping basset hounds in need of a new home and a fresh start, thank you so very much. 

Thank you to the raffle ticket buyers, the donators, the bakers, the sewers, the knitters, the wrappers and most of all, our families. We give up a lot of our free time, and they are always behind us, backing us all the way. Thank you to John, Tom, Katie and Bryn, Ryan, Jordan, Aimee, Danielle, Kayleigh and Elle, Dave, Annie and Sam. We simply couldn't do it without you.