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This is a blog with a difference. 

This is a blog that will ask you to really look inside your heart and your home, to think of your families and friends, to share with as many people as you possibly can.

We need as many people to see this blog.

Bonnie and Bella need a home.

We have blogged about them many times, and they have, up until this point, been in long term foster with Sarah and Pete in Manchester. Unfortunately, we had to move them a week ago as their own dog, Willow was unwell. Our lovely friend Neil has taken them under his wing, until Sarah and Peter could have them back. Unfortunately, Willow was put to sleep, and Sarah and Peter can only foster until the 25th July at the very latest. 


We have tried so hard to find these lovely girls a home, but somehow, people are looking passed them. Yes, they may be older ladies, but they have SO much to offer. We have placed their information now with The Oldies Club, and we really hope that someone will come through for them. 

We would love them to be adopted, but if you are able to offer your home and heart as a long term foster for us, that would be great. A long term fosterer has the responsibility for the dog, but BRNGB will retain ownership and pay medical expenses if needed. 

If you are interested in becoming a Long Term Fosterer, please email us here for further information. 

So, let's talk about Bonnie and Bella!


Bonnie is 9 and Bella is 8, and they have been together since Bella was 3 months old, and are an incredibly bonded pair. They are currently in foster in Manchester with Sarah. They are both tri colour.

They got on really well with their foster sister, showing their ability to settle with other animals.

Recently they even went on a mini break with another of our foster families, and coped brilliantly!

Bonnie and Bella are used to cats, ducks and children. (not necessarily in that order!)


They are both laid back basset hounds, who can sometimes have a little squabble over silly things like bed space and food (certainly not silly if you are a Basset Hound!), but they have really lovely dispositions and have been a joy to foster. However, because of their sometimes snappy behaviour around food, if there were children in the potential home, we would prefer it if they were over 10 years old. 

Bonnie and Bella both love their walks, and they walk nicely on a double lead. They are not speedy walkers, so if you are a little older, (just like our mature ladies!) then don't let the idea of two bassets put you off!

Bonnie has suffered with a sensitive stomach and could only eat James Wellbeloved, following a fall in a canal when she was a puppy! However this has resolved, and both dogs are happy on all sorts of dry food.  She has recently had vet treatment for a burst cyst on her back, which is a very common affliction, and she is healing nicely.

Bella suffers with sore skin in the summer months, but nothing that a little moisturiser won't heal. She's had some treatment for an ear infection, which is all cleared up now.

Their vet has said that both girls are in really good health.

This is a really desperate situation for these girls, and we are really saddened that as yet we haven't found a forever home for them. 

Please contact us as soon as possible if you can help in any way with these beautiful girls. 

We can't let them down. 

Please share this blog far and wide! You never know who will see it, and it may just be seen by the perfect person!

If you'd like to have a chat with one of us, please don't hesitate to give us a call, our numbers are on the front page of the website. 

Thank you for reading./p>