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Please, please, we are on our knees begging, read this and help us save this boy.

Meet Berkeley, who was surrendered to us on Sunday.


He is a lovely gent of 8 years old, loving, cuddly, trusting and has so much to give. Sadly his life has not been as loving as what he is, how this boy still has trust in humans is beyond us…..

His tale is one of sadness and abuse. He had a loving family once upon a time; sadly though they had to give him up. They, thinking they were doing the right thing, surrendered him to a rescue (not BRNGB). He was then adopted; somewhere along the line he ended up being used as a stud dog and, we believe was then sold on. He then, strangely, ended up back at the same rescue; his chip details were still registered to his first owner so they contacted him to see if he wanted Berkeley back. Sadly, the owner was too elderly to take him back, but family members did. However, due to life, and the fact that they never accommodated to have a hound, they surrendered him to us as soon as they collected him. Do not wish bad upon this family, they did the right thing to contact us. They couldn’t leave him where he was.

So that’s Berkeley’s tale; which doesn’t end there. 

He had a wonderful crew of Transporters, all of which broke their hearts over him on his journey to foster, due to his poor condition, a very very smelly, bloody, puss filled ear, but mainly the love he showed them. 

Once arrived at foster, it was all hands on deck to get this boy comfortable. Can you imagine the pain this boy is in?

We won’t apologise for the pictures, but we will say some are very distressing. Some are from his first night with us, some are from his time in hospital.


Since Monday, Berkeley has been in a specialist vet centre. We fought hard to get this boy an emergency referral to give him the best chance.

We are hoping he will be able to go home to continue with his care in the next 24 hours as he is stable. He is currently having tests on the infection, as you will see from the photo his ear is damaged beyond belief. We are currently unsure as to whether there is a tumour in there; whether it is an infection; If so what infection potentially sepsis. He is currently being reviewed by 4 top notch surgeons.


What does this mean for Berkeley? 

So far the experts have told us his ear canal has dissolved completely; the bone in his ear has liquified; the infection has also started eating away at his outer ear; it has also got into his saliva glands. 

As long as we/they can keep him stable, and the infection allows he is booked in for total ear canal ablation (TECA) on Tuesday. Basically, everything in his ear will be removed. Whether some of his outer ear also needs to be removed remains to be seen. Potentially, he could lose his eye on that side also.

Currently the bill is looking to be the biggest for one hound that we have ever faced as a charity, but we, and we’re sure you will agree, this boy deserves the best chance in what has been a sad life.

We have already paid just shy of £2000.00; we are looking in total around £6,000 - £8,000 to save this boy. We couldn’t leave him behind and as you know #nobassetgetsforgotten

We hope you will support us and become #TeamBerkeley in raising his much needed funds. 

Thank you so so much.


Berkeley Update
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