Barry's Bucket List and Party!


Sometimes, we hear of such lovely stories about people and their basset hounds, that we just have to share with you! This is the tale of Barry, a loveable Basset hound rescue boy who lives in Leeds, Yorkshire. 

Here is his tale, written by his owner, Demi, in her own words;

"We went to see Barry at Dog's Trust in December 2013, not even talked about having a dog, but I saw his picture and I fell in love! When we got there, another family had reserved him who has hound experience. I was gutted, I couldn't look at any others, as I knew before I met him that he was mine. A day later, they called me, as the other family had never shown up, and we officially reserved him. He had to stay there for a month, as he was so unwell they wouldn't let him leave. Weekly trips of 40 miles and after 30 seconds of walking we experienced the joys of 'flat bassets' every time!


Once we got him home, the weirdness did not stop, he moaned and groaned CONSTANTLY! (He's still overly vocal now!) He had severe separation anxiety that took us over a year to sort out, and weekly vet appointments to fix his poorly ears. 18 months later, we were in the clear, and after a dental to fix his teeth, we had a new dog, full of life, and not the 'couch potato' Dog's Trust told us we were getting! We always say he's not the dog we ordered!

In December 2015, during an X-ray for his arthritis, (which turned out to be nothing) I noticed lumps under his legs. I took him through to X-ray, (I work at his vets) and told Paul, my vet. He felt Barry's neck, and his face fell, I knew it was bad. I broke down during his anaesthetic, and they had to get another nurse to monitor him, as I was a wreck. Because he was an urgent case, and I was chasing the lab for the results, I got the news on Christmas Eve that no-one wants to hear. He had lymphoma. Paul thought it was Type T, which is untreatable, and  my world fell apart. Barry is not just a dog to us,   our entire universe revolves around  him, we never leave him, he comes away with us and we don't even go to the pub unless he can come! Luckily, though, it turned out to be Type B, which we could attempt to fight, although the prognosis was still not great for him.

After days of constant tears, I decided to pick myself up. His first chemotherapy was due to start, and I didn't want him to feel my pain too. That's when we decided to write his bucket list, as I didn't want to miss out on anything with him. It's probably a selfish act, as I want the memories to hold on to! We took a pen to paper, and started writing our list.


We went through some hard times, 4 weeks into his chemotherapy, he was getting really bad side effects, sickness and bad lethargy, even for a basset! However, we stuck it out, after some horrible 'quality of life' conversations, and he has been symptom free on the whole for the last couple of months.

We are currently in week 16 of 19.

We are having an 'End of Chemo Party' on the 4th June, and by then we will have finished the first 19 week protocol. We have done some amazing things with him these last couple of months, and safe to say he's now allowed on the sofa! He pretty much does what he wants, with the excuse "Well, he is dying..."


So that's Barry's story. Yes, he is going to die, the cancer is going to kill him, but in a way, I am glad we were prepared, because it means we waste not one minute of time with him. I have learned that every day is precious, and you really do need a basset hound experience...and a daily mummy cuddle really does banish the blues!"

Barry's Birthday Party on his Bucket List has now become an End of Chemotherapy party! It's being held on Saturday, June 4th, at 1pm, in Leeds. Please follow the link to the Facebook event below. All are welcome!

Barry's End of Chemo Party

Firstly, there will be a mini waddle, and then back to the venue for a little party. Apparently the food and drinks there are excellent! There will be a minimum donation of £2.50 a hound, and that will include a party bag and snacks!

Demi says there will be a Doggy Tuck Shop, and we will be there to support her, too. She's also looking for crafters who can make anything hound related she can sell. If you can help, please contact us here. She's hoping to make it a yearly event!

Demi says; " I hope you can make it, let's have a few tipples in Barry's name and raise as much money as possible for the less fortunate hounds we all care about!"

Barry's story has really made us feel so thankful for our own hounds and the ones that have passed. What a great way to celebrate the relationship between us and our houndies by having a party! We hope some of you can make it in person, we want Demi's event to be a runaway success!

Thank you for reading this blog. Please share where you can.