Auction Antics


Hello everyone! We hope you and your hounds are all well and starting to enjoy yourselves as the weather finally starts to warm up! We've been so busy here at BRNGB, seems to be so much going on at the moment! This time of year is always a busy one, with lots of waddles and dog friendly events to go to as well. 

So, here's a little round up of our latest news. 

The Animal Rescue Auction Group (TARAG) Auction!

So! After all our beggin for donations and bids and sharing our posts we are delighted with the end result! Our auction has raised a massive £2171.56p on the night, with some more bids being paid late, we hope to finish at over £2,200! This is a massive amount of money, and we are completely humbled and overwhelmed by the support that people gave us. It was really hard work, I've never had so many facebook messages and notifications to deal with! We can't beging to tell you what this money means to us, but we can share with you that it has allowed us to be able to complete our Charity Application, which for us is a really big deal! We'll keep you updated with that as it happens, but for now, our thanks and praises must go to the ladies who work tirelessly on the TARAG site, Sam Bellamy, Linzi Tropea, Patsy Serjeant, Carol Costello, Penny Barton, Kathy Jolly, Claire Read and Rebecca Jones. Behind the scenes, these girls are amazing, organising these monthly auctions with military precision and with wicked sense of humours! They do this, month in, month out, for different rescues just like ours. I know many of our supporters have joined their Facebook group just to take part in our auction, but have now caught the auction bug and are donating to the next one! Please carry on supporting these girls, they truly are amazing and enable wonderful things to happen. 

So, where does your money go?

We believe in being as transparent as we can be with how we use the money you donate to us.

We have 5 dogs that have come in over the last few weeks alone that have required neutering and post operative care, so money is always needed for that.

We have also had some major transports taking place, up and down the length and breadth of the country, of which we reimburse our volunteers with a petrol allowance.

Daisy is having another heart scan next week, as her vet has recommended her neutering to be done now, whilst she is relatively healthy and not on heart medication. He also wants to remove the embedded sore on her back, plus sort out a few problematic teeth while she is under sedation.

Sasha is living a wonderful life, but still requiores her epilepsy medication that we pay for.

We have had to spend some money on an initial outlay for shop sales and fundraising stalls,  watch out for our new design mugs and car stickers coming soon! 

Ruby is being transported from Debra in Turkey very soon! Watch out for a very special blog post about her amazing journey!

There are hounds coming in and going out every week, without your support we simply couldn't do what we do.

Thank you.

Bonnie and Bella

We know lots of you are following our mature ladies, Bonnie and Bella, as we have been sharing them for so long. They are still in foster, but we now have placed their information with The Oldies Club. This is a website devoted to the older dog, and they work with rescues to help find a home for older, hard to place dogs. We have all our fingers and toes crossed that someone somewhere will see them and fall in love with them.

Martin's 10k

Martin only has a week left to go before his amazing 10k sponosred 10k run for BRNGB!! If you haven't sponsored him yet, you can do so by following the link on the scrolling news bar on the front page of the website. We are reliably informed that he has been training hard....we hope he can smash his personal best just by thinking about all the bassets he will be helping! We can't praise Martin enough, we think he's awesome!

Wirral BBQ

Only a week to go before the Wirral Waddlers host their first BBQ! This will be a waddle, a dog show, a raffle and a BBQ all in one, in a rather aptly named pub called....The Basset Hound!!

Find out all the event details in the calendar on the front page.

Keep an eye on that calendar....lots of exciting things to be added soon!

Potential Adopters

We have several dogs in the system at the moment living in foster homes. They are not ready to be rehomed just yet, but if you are interested in adopting a hound, please fill in a form on the website. Thank you.


Enjoy the weather with your families and your hounds, we hope to catch up with lots of you at various events this Summer!

A Few Of Our Success Stories

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  • Snoopy
  • Sandy
  • Pippa
  • Pheobe
  • Murdoch
  • Lady
  • Harvey
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