An enormous thank-you to our supporters!

Sometimes, words just aren't enough.

But for now, words are all we have, to show our appreciation to Paula, her husband Mike and daughter Phoebe, who were so generous yesterday in allowing 32 bassets and two impostors, (a collie called Willow and a daschund called Abbie) plus numerous humans, into their home and garden for the afternoon. 


Paula saw our plea on the website for some emergency funding for our beloved Daisy. (Daisy was meant to come, but unfortunately, has just come into season! Typical!)

She not only donated money, but got in touch to see if there was any other way she could help, and she offered to host a waddle and a garden party for us. 

Luckily, Paula and her family live in a house with a big garden, and in a very lovely part of leafy Oxfordshire, with beautiful surrounding countryside. 

Everyone arrived by 12:30, well, apart from Mr Wayne, who is always late! There were 30 bassets altogether! We were so pleased at the turnout! Phoebe kindly led our waddle, which was lovely. Apart from Penny rolling in the stinkiest fox poo...which actually left her covered in flies, oh, and meeting some charming people who had decided to stop for a picnic on the path and got very cross with our bassets actually wanting to sniff the bag of food they refused to pick up, it was great! The weather held, and the sun kept breaking through. 


By the time we got back to Paula's, Mr Wayne had arrived with Jo, Ronnie and Rosie, bringing the total up to 32 bassets. The dogs were great together, having plenty of fun chasing each other around the garden. 

We were also doing a raffle, and people had been really generous with the prizes donated, too. Many thanks to you if you donated something for the raffle. 


At this point, Paula brought out the buffet, and soon the table was groaning from the weight of all the delicious food on offer! Sandwiches, pork pies, homemade quiche, hot sausages, (and cold ones for the dogs!) Paula really did an amazing job! 

It was lovely getting to know new people with their hounds, and hearing their stories. It's also wonderful for us to meet up with people we know so well on Facebook, but haven't met face to face. 

After the savouries were done, Paula really out did herself by producing enormous homemade cakes! Lemon drizzle, toffee, victoria sponge, we had to put several chocolate cakes and a carrot cake into the raffle! Fabulous cakes! Plus Mark had made his amazing fudge, and this time had made little cherry vodka truffles...oh my....

Sam Morgan did try and eat all the cakes...she got as far as eating all but the last one, which was snaffled by Carly!


The raffle was called about 3:30 with lots of smiling faces! So many good prizes on offer! 

Eventually, it was time to make a move. Lots of very tired dogs, snoozy kids and weary adults. We hope Paula was going to pour herself a stiff drink!! 

Thank you to everyone who came, and also those who couldn't come but donated to us instead. Your kindness is appreciated, every single one of you, and know that your money is going to help the hounds in our care, as long term fosters, and the ones yet to come through our door. In total, we raised £155. 

More pictures can be found in the Galleries section of our website:


Rutland Water waddle

Massive thank you to Matt and Kelly Ireland, owners of our beautiful Sasha, who organised a waddle in Leicestershire yesterday too! They raised a massive £150 for us! Unbelievable! Thanks to all that waddled, we really appreciate every single penny! Hope the bacon rolls were fab too! 


Look at the lovely pictures of the waddle here:

Thank you to you all!!