A foster plea

A Foster Plea

Currently, we have 22 dogs in foster. This is the busiest we have been, and we are stretched to capacity. For the first time, we have had to shut our doors, while we ensure that the dogs in our care get what they need.

When our dogs come to us, they are given a full vet check. Most often, they will require some form of veterinary intervention, neutering, vaccinating or microchipping, which doesn't cost us all that much in the grand scheme of things. Sometimes though, we are not told the full story, or other unknown issues crop up, and we need to provide so much more than the basics.

Right now, we have dogs with us that are requiring vet care for severe skin issues, and severe and persistent ear infections. We have had to have one hound go through an eye operation, and two of our dogs are currently working with behaviourists to try and resolve some issues. This does not come cheap, as you all know, but we work hard to ensure that all our hounds leave us happy and heathy. Sometimes we can't help, and that hurts us deeply. But for the ones we can, we pledge to give them everything they need. This means that our adopters can also be assured there are no surprises in store for them when they take them home, and coupled with our free 5 week insurance plan, we are confident our adoption procedures are as robust as we can make them.

At the moment, we have two hounds in that need our support more than ever. 

One of them, a gorgeous little lady, is less than a year old and a beauty inside and out; however she has some serious issues with her front legs. She’s been X-Rayed (see below) and sadly the only option for a pain free and drug free life is surgery. This is what the vet says:-

The X-Rays show both front legs with incongruity (mismatch of joint surfaces) of the elbow, associated with premature lunar growth plate closure, more noticeable in the right leg. Surgery on the right leg will help. Osteotomy (cutting) of the ulna close to the elbow frees up the bone and allows muscles behind the elbow to draw the elbow into better alignment.


Our other lovely hound is a gorgeous, loveable 4 and a half year old tri colour, found roaming and emaciated.
He has no behavioural issues, only his legs are his trouble!
He loves to play and run about but unfortunately his legs cannot take it and he soon becomes unsound. He will possibly require surgery to help him live an active life pain free for as long as possible. He so cuddly and friendly.

X-rays are being sent off to a specialist for a final opinion, but here is the vets current prognosis:

He has short ulnas which means as they are short it’s made his radius bones extremely bowed, (when they x-rated him they really struggled to straighten his leg enough to do the X-ray he’s that bad). His right leg is worse, he holds his right leg up at times and when he sits his foot is turned 180 degrees.

He also has elbow dysplasia in both elbows and arthritis in his spine.


We are awaiting the specialist report, but in true Basset Hound Rescue Network of Great Britain style, #nobassetgetsleftbehind so we want to be prepared to help him as soon as we have his prognosis.

Our fabulous Jo is currently running an amazing raffle to help us raise the funds needed to get these hounds fit and healthy.

The prize is amazing, Jane and Alan Rees-Baynes, who are currently fostering for us, are generously offerring you the chance to win a 2 night stay in their B&B hotel (hound free) or 2 nights in the Self Catering Accommodation with hounds. Situated in beautiful Pembrokeshire, this is a prize you do not want to miss!

 BRNGB Elm Grove Country House, Pembrokeshire

The tickets are only £5, and we've made it really easy for you to purchase!

PayPal -  our address is payments@brngb.org.uk please ensure you tick friends and family and use “emergency vet fund” for a reference.

Text - ACCO18£5 to 70070 - once paid please provide a screen shot of the text so you can be allocated a number email - jo@brngb.org.uk or text/WhatsApp to 07882327381

Bank transfer - please email Jo Bloyce for details - jo@brngb.org.uk

The raffle will be drawn at 8pm on Sunday 1st July 2018

The raffle is open to everyone so please share with your friends and families, you can also email Jo for a flyer to pop up in your workplace!

Please pop over to our Facebook page for more information, following the link below:

BRNGB Facebook Page

Please support us in delivering the very best care to our foster dogs, who need us more than ever.

Thank You.

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