Hi I'm Dawn Gilchrist and I live in Edinburgh with my husband Kenny and our family of dogs.

Collectively we are known as 'The G Crew' 4 Bassets (3 rescues) 1 Daxi x Basset (Brngb fail) and 2 OAP terriers of 15years and 17years.

I've grown up with dogs all my life, but Bassets are the breed that has made the most impact. I'm co-founder of a puppy farming awareness page and an administrator of a Basset Hound Facebook page. It's fair to say if dogs are involved I'm happy to lend a hand whether it's rescue, welfare, home checking, transporting, fostering and as of recently, adopting. I work part time in the Care Sector and my free time is dog orientated.

The best part of the day is walking the 'G Crew' and watching them flourish and enjoy life. Some of my pack have had a difficult start to life and we are learning so much from them.

Think we pretty much cover a lot of the Basset issues that can crop up. I've followed BRNGB from the start and watched it develop and receive it's much deserved charity status. Through getting to know the girls by redirecting Bassets in need their way, I was delighted to be asked to join such a strong team that has compassion and welfare at its heart.

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