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Beau and Mindy

Beau-and-Mindy Beau and Mindy

Please note, we are only accepting applications who live within an hour drive away – due to Coronavirus restrictions.

Location: Guisborough, Yorkshire


Age: 4

Sex: Male

Health: Neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Prior removal of tumour on shoulder.


Age: 9

Sex: Female

Health: Neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Some fatty lumps. 


 "The odd couple.Beau and Mindy did not come as a pair, but they are best of friends.

Mindy is 9 and is active for her age. She is very food orientated and will do a 'dance' to let you know it is tea time 2 and a half hours early, due to this she needs to be fed separately, otherwise she will steal Beau's food. She sleeps downstairs overnight and is clean. She has not had an accident in the house. She likes going out in the car and will give a little sing song when she gets to the destination in excitement. She can grumble when getting into the car but when old to stop, she does. Mindy will bark at the postman when letter comes through the door and she will bark when people knock on the front door. She loves meeting people and has shown no issues. She likes to give paws for her treats. She loves to stand over your feet, when you're sat down so you can rub her belly with your foot. Mindy needs to be supervised in the garden or she will on occasions eat poo. She has the odd fatty lump which do not cause her any issues and her eyes are slightly cloudy but she never misses a treat. She has good recall and loves a run around the field whilst barking, she walks well on a lead.  She is fine at the vets. Mindy will bark at birds flying over and at the neighbour's cat, therefore no cats or small fury animals. She loves a game of bitey face with Beau and a daft play zooming around, when Beau goes too far and is rough she will tell him off and he responds appropriately. Don't let her age fool you!

Beau is 4 years old. He is a complex man, he always has a confused look and although he appears confident he has lacked socialisation and is a sensitive chap. On arrival he took a while to settle and showed separation anxiety. This has improved. He would not stay downstairs on a night and would whine.He has progressed to be able to stay downstairs on a night. He initially barked and was not a happy boy when he entered the house. He has since become a cuddle bunny and loves nothing more than sitting across your knee. He is a slow eater and initially he was a very poor eater, he is now in a routine of having 2 meals a day. Beau is reactive towards black Labradors and small dogs. He has not been let off lead due to this and would need to be in a secure field for this to happen. He will bark excessively and lunge at other dogs. He likes going out in the car and travels well. He was fine at the vets. He has required a lump removing off his shoulder and this was sent for histology, result tumour of the hair follicle, clear margins were taken and there is no sign of any other lumps. He did react to the internal sutures, but this has since settled. His front teeth are also poor, they are little stumps. His teeth were very dirty on arrival and he requires treats to support keeping them clean as his saliva reacts and plaque builds up, he likes antlers and buffalo horns. He loves a game of fetch and will drop the ball/toy he has chosen on your lap to throw it again for him. He will destroy soft toys so he needs to be monitored with this. He will try and jump up at the kitchen worktops and when you have food and he needs to be reminded that this is not appropriate. Beau will also bark at anyone coming to the house, but if ignored by visitors he soon becomes best friends and wants to sit on their knee. His bark can be very intimidating, but he has never bitten. He will bark to play and can be very vocal. He reacts to cats. Beau likes people to be around him as he is definitely a woman's dog, he always chooses the females in the house.

Together they really compliment each other, and they will curl up together on the sofa."

Beau and Mindy are looking for a home that includes the following;
  • an active family, who can take them on the walks they both enjoy.
  • No cats or small furries.
  • Beau barks at dogs if they live next please, no dogs next door!
  • Understanding of Beau's needs regarding his sensitivities, and a willingness to work with him
  • patience and time to spend with Beau and Mindy in the crucial first few weeks as they adapt.

If you tick all the boxes above, and you feel you and your family are suitable to adopt Beau and Mindy, please fill in our online Adoption Application:

Applications close on SATURDAY 27th February- we will aim to email you within two weeks of applications closing.

Please ensure you read our FAQ's before applying: 


The Basset Rescue Network of Great Britain FAQ's

Here we will attempt to answer some of the more frequently asked questions about The Basset Rescue Network of Great Britain and adopting a Basset Hound.

Taking on a rescue dog is not the easy option. You need to be prepared to help a confused and troubled hound find their place in your family. They have been through a massive upheaval and will need time to settle into a new way of life, so please consider this BEFORE you fill in an application. 


Beau and Mindy are subject to an adoption fee and a successful home check. If your home check is successful, Beau and Mindy will be brought to your home for a meet and greet in your garden by their foster family. Your whole family, including resident dogs will need to be present for this meeting.

Coronavirus – you need to live within an hour drive to be eligible to apply.

You will also have a telephone call with a member of the team, plus their foster family, so that all of their history can be shared with you in person, and that we can be assured that you can fill all of their needs and requirements.

Beau and Mindy come with 5 weeks free insurance via our rehoming partner, Agria.

Thank you for reading Beau and Mindy's blog. Please share where you are able.


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